Johnson & Johnson

A glimpse of my design work at the top healthcare company in the world.

2010-2015  |  Designer & Researcher

Johnson & Johnson is the foremost healthcare company in the world. Innovating on every spectrum of healthcare, JNJ puts the user at the center of its company.

With the top engineers, access to countless technologies, and unimaginable resources, here is a glimpse of how my team was keeping JNJ at the top.


DePuy Synthes is known for its top engineering and premium experience, but everyone knows that what had made DePuy Synthes the best was not going to keep them at the top unless they continuously innovated.

In 2010, DePuy Synthes focused on design instead of engineering for one of the most successful and innovative solutions they had ever launched: Attune Total Knee System.

Leveraging this success, I was challenged to reject the current product development process and come up with new ways on how our company could sustain our recent success for years to come.


Being on a small team we were challenged to wear many hats and being in an engineer-centered company we were forced to learn new skills to keep up.

Officially, I was responsible for the industrial design and human factors for instrumentation across multiple solutions and platforms. Unofficially, I also supported product engineering, material science, product marketing, graphic design and branding, user research, and project management.

Throughout my career at JNJ, I created new design processes, implemented human factors standards within our PDX, created the logo and brand for multiple solutions, prepared product posters and materials, designed and engineered more than 1200 instruments, ran user studies and surveys, researched new coatings and materials, learned new manufacturing processes, managed designers, and delivered a Master Brand Guideline to our JNJ Chief Design Officer.

The following are a few samples of my process and work.