Startup Pitch @ McCombs School of Business

2016  |  Team Lead

Crease was an idea for a pitch competition at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.

I designed the app prototype which included the user experience, user interface, and product brand as well as the final pitch video and presentation.


In B School, we had the opportunity to create a new company from the ground up. Working as a team, we landed on Crease, a laundry service company that delivers first-class experience and clean clothes.

Let's face it - we all have busy lives and there's not enough time to do basic chores such as washing your clothes. And if your clothes have to be dry-cleaned, that's even more time out of your schedule to drop them off and pick them up when they're ready.

Crease is your answer.

Pitched as a subscription plan, you pay one monthly fee to have unlimited clothes picked up, washed, and delivered to you all done through an app.

I first had to understand what kind of company we wanted to be and how it would be perceived by our users. I wanted a contemporary feel with an approachable design that personalized and humanized the overall customer experience.

We then brainstormed ideas on what we wanted to accomplish and how we would differentiate our brand from other competitors. After we hashed out a general direction, I took translated the notes into smaller tasks that a user would need to do within the app.

The goal was simplicity and ease of use.


I then generated a workflow map to understand and design the user experience focused on minimizing the number of steps and simplifying complex steps.


Simple tools like wireframing allowed me to quickly hash out the layouts without spending too much time on the design.

Testing the wireframes across users ensured that we optimized the workflow.


Mapping the workflow across a simple site map allowed me quickly understand where and when users may get confused and make fixes before jumping to the design.

By doing this step first, we avoid wasting time to update the design if we had started designing too early.


Once you've downloaded the app, choose which task you're looking for help with and select it on the main screen.

Choose the pick-up and drop-off times as well as locations and you're ready to be matched with a task runner. On the task runner screen, you'll be able to read reviews, ratings, and detailed bios so you'll know exactly who is performing the task.


Once you confirm the task runner, the task is automatically scheduled and you're off and running.

Make it simple. Make it easy to do. And make it worth it.

The market is seeing a surge in subscription services because it allows people to be more flexible with their time and schedules. By helping people with simple tasks, we're allowing them to spend their time more efficiently.

It's time to get your life back.

Welcome to Crease.